It Was An Accident

Nicky Burkett, still incarcerated at the end of Vinnie Got Blown Away, is released on to the streets of Walthamstow in It Was An Accident. He wants to go straight. Noreen wants him to go straight and she won’t go near him if he doesn’t. He tries. But events and people conspire against him. He is offered “work”. He is attacked. His mates are attacked. He runs to Jamaica and is attacked again. Then the fight back begins.

A wonderful thriller…an absolute cracker, with a superb narrative voice.
The Independent
Ingenious, his street talk sizzles with wit and invention … Engaging, eventful and original.
Literary Review
Brilliant, unputdownable reading that should become a cult classic.
Big Issue
A consistently funny and entertaining book.
The Times
The pleasure is intense… Jeremy Cameron has an unmatched ear for the shady melodies of London’s streets.
Time Out

Filmed starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, Max Beesley and James Bolam, It Was an Accident received fulsome reviews and brought fame to Walthamstow. Again it featured those on the fringes of society, defending themselves and their borough against bigger villains from elsewhere. The violent climax brings a new aspect to greyhound racing. And the sex is funny as always.